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Welcome to Hoppers!

Edinburgh Hoppers is the official society for women, non-binary and transgender people in the School of Informatics of the University of Edinburgh.

What we do

As the official society for Gender Minorities in Informatics at the University of Edinburgh, our goal is to cultivate an open community with the aim to provide a supportive and inclusive society where people are comfortable and can build both technical and networking skills to thrive in the tech environment.

We differ from other societies at the University of Edinburgh in that every woman, transgender and non-binary person studying or working at the School of Informatics is automatically considered as part of Hoppers community. Since Hoppers became one of the EUSA societies, people showing interest in us can obtain free Hoppers membership tickets through the link below to verify their membership from the technical side.

Illustration of three people collaborating on a project
Illustration of a person looking at a monthly calendar. The calendar shows some events on a few days.

Our events

We organize events where we cooperate with large and small companies to provide our members with the best opportunities and contacts to build a career. Our focus is to empower all women, non-binary and transgender people in technology.

Our team

Our committee is comprised of a diverse group of students from the School of Informatics; however, students from other Schools of the University of Edinburgh, studying joint informatics or pure non-informatics degree, are also welcome to join us on-board! We are always looking for passionate people with any kind of skills to join our team and help grow our community.

Illustration of two people in different places communicating with each other through electronic devices.

Our sponsors

The support from our sponsors allows us to provide our members with opportunities and resources for career development and networking that would not be otherwise possible. If you are interested in working with us as a sponsor, we have different tiers available to suit your needs.